Healing & Chakra Balancing

Sound Healing

  • Sound Healing is a beautiful & meditative experience that uses different aspects of sound to improve your emotional & physical wellbeing .
  • It is basically immersion in beautiful sounds and vibrations that are healing for your body & mind. The experience is deeply relaxing, meditative which can take us on a journey of healing and self discovery. The typical session integrates singing bowls, breath and humming into the group or individual sessions .
  • Sound has a power to completely uplift our mood & reduce stress. Its both passive and participatory experience heard through the ears & felt by the whole body.

A Sound Healing will help…

Quietens the busy mind and gives a sense of deep relaxation.
Help you feel more balanced and centred within.
Release of blocked emotions.
Clean your aura and get rid of any negative energies
Release Energetic blockages inducing a state of ease and harmony in the body.

It helps to align your mind, body and soul.
Provide relief from anxiety and depression.
To give an enhanced sense of wellness.

1 Hour Session – Group/ Private Session

Chakra cleansing

Chakra Balancing & Cleansing

What is Chakra
  1. You can think of chakras as the main energy centers in the body.
  2. Your body may seem solid to the touch, but all you really are is pure energy.
  3. Your physical body is made out of cells, which are composed of atoms. Atoms are fundamental pieces of matter, which are made out of energy.
3 Key Points :
  1. All seven chakras function as main valves that control the flow of your life force energy, which is essential to your positive well-being.
  2. By unblocking the chakras throughout your body, you will be able to evolve spiritually, break down limitations of your mind, and expand your consciousness.
  3. Chakras can be viewed as the seven doors to higher consciousness that will allow you to ascend and better understand your full potential.


Chakra Cleansing will involve
● Chakra Cleansing with Sound Healing
● Chakra Mantra & Meditation
● Releasing blocked energies & opening chakras

Are you ready to discover the hidden forces of energy within you?
1 Hour Session – Group/ Private Session

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