Co-regulation is the New Buzzword for Kids Well-being—Here’s What It Means and How to Do It

Well-being for Children is Not Isolated: The Role of Co-regulation in Supporting Children’s Well-being As someone who promotes the well-being of children, I can’t deny the crucial role that caregivers—be they parents, educators, or anyone taking care of kids—play in this journey. Co-regulation, a practice where caregivers and children work together to manage emotions, is […]

6 Creative Ways to Help Kids Understand Emotions

Emotions can be complex, even for us adults. I find immense joy in creatively teaching children about emotions through my yoga sessions. Here are six creative ways to help kids understand and manage their emotions: So, which method will you try with your kids today? Let’s help them navigate the world of emotions together! #EmotionalIntelligence […]

5 Simple Tips to Help Kids Release Their Excitement or Hyperactivity

Introduction: In the world of parenting and education, one challenge that many of us face is dealing with kids’ boundless energy and excitement. While it’s wonderful to witness their enthusiasm , it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, especially when that energy transforms into hyperactivity. So, how can we guide our little bundles of joy […]